Black Walnut Soap

Today’s adventure is black walnut powder.  My husband reports that this soap has more long lasting suds than any of my other soaps.  It is, however, a fairly soft soap that doesn’t last very long.  It’s such a joy to use that it’s worth it, though.  If you let it cure for several months, it would harden, but who has that kind of patience?  The clove and cinnamon make this smell really lovely and, along with the walnut powder, make this good soap for scrubbing hands after blacksmithing classes and other intractable messes, without being so drying as commercial degreasing hand cleaners.

  • 275g beef tallow
  • 646g olive oil
  • 53g castor oil
  • 120g lye
  • 308g distilled water

4% superfat, before the addition of 8 Tbsp. coconut milk, which goes in at the very end.

To this batch, while it is cooking, I’ve added one heaping big soup spoon of powdered black walnut and about a teaspoon of ground clove.

Then I turned my back for a minute and it overran my crock pot, but that’s why we do this over a towel.

It is fluffy and slick and looks like molten licorice going into the mold.


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