Left field, n., where you are when people describe you as a “Pirate Astronaut Chicken Farmer or something”.

These are the adventures of a woman in the outlying country of San Diego County, her husband, their cat and dog, and a host of friends and neighbors who are sometimes even sure what they’ve signed up for.

Liz Robertson specializes in using open source software and creative solutions to run oncology (cancer) drug trials in humans for as cheap as anybody could ever imagine, because that’s part of what we need to do in order to make drugs affordable for people who need them.

In her spare time, she does, in fact, raise a few chickens.  More than will fit on one hand’s worth of fingers, but fewer than taking off both shoes should require for counting.  She raises many more bees than that.  She gardens, makes soap, spins fiber for yarn, weaves, knits, crochets, and is perpetually learning to play the guitar.  She sings in the local United Methodist church choir when she can.  She is learning blacksmithing.  She is always learning something.

This blog is mostly for her, because good record keeping and reproducible results are the soul of good science.  But the rest of you can come along, too.