Fall Flowers Soap

I have some new molds.  I’ve always just made bars of soap, the only nod to aesthetic shape being the crinkle cut sides courtesy of the soap cutter my husband got me for Valentine’s day this year.  So, today, we try them.

Simmer the following gently for about fifteen minutes:

  • 522g beef tallow
  • 453 g coconut oil
  • into a pan with 3 Tbsp. annatto seeds (achiote)

Then strain into the crock pot on the warm setting.

Into the crock pot add

  • 51g castor oil.

This will require

  • 356g distilled water and
  • 159g lye (sodium hydroxide)

to make a roughly 5% superfat soap.  Some of the oil is stuck to the pan and to the sieve and to the annatto seeds, so it’s best not to cut this close.  I also want to prefer the total saponification of the beef tallow, which is why I’m reserving

  • 45g apricot kernel oil

which is added only after the batch has started to gel.

Finally, when it’s all cooked, add

  • 7 Tbsp. coconut milk

to keep it soft, which should help it go into the molds.  I added about 15 mL of bergamot extract to this batch, since bergamot is my favorite scent and seems to be a hit with everybody else, too.


The hot process soap is never going to look as perfect as cold process soap in molds.  I like that it’s obviously handmade.  These feel and smell perfect.  Now they sit for a week to dry.

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