Solid Hair Conditioner Bars

My hair is fabulous today.  It is light, fluffy, its waviness has been encouraged, it is silky and feels wonderful.  I have no idea why it took me so long to do this.  It is, in fact, so wonderful that I went ahead and used it on my skin, which also feels lovely.  Maybe the hold up was that the industrial chemicals freaked me out.   I’m over it.  Besides, incroquat is fun to say.

I looked at a lot of different stuff on the internet before I jumped into this one.

Naturally Curly 

HER Packing List

These two looked similar and were basically echoed in other recipes, so I took those same basic ratios and went to town.

  • 50g cetyl alcohol
  • 20 g cocoa butter
  • 55g coconut oil
  • 75 g incroquat
  • 8g castor oil
  • 20 g jojoba
  • 22 g argan oil

Here’s one of the bars, they pour up smooth and gorgeous and they’re silky to the touch and smell yummy, like all cocoa butter things do.  That’s the sugar soap hanging out in the background, drying.  It’s been a busy soap weekend.


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