2 February 2018 Bee Maintenance

It wasn’t really inspections, today.  I’m working from home today, but when my concentration had resulted in breaking more than I fixed, I needed a break.  And I figured it was about time for my bees to need more space.  They’ve been excited, lately, and I can feel a difference in the way they greet the morning.   There is more activity, earlier, and it is somehow exuberant.  There are only a few things blooming near the house, but perhaps just out of my view are flowers that only the bees know.  Or maybe they can sense a bloom coming in the warmth of the mornings.  Who can tell what bees know?

I went down to check just the top boxes and see if they needed space.  All of the hives, except for the Rancho Santa Fe hive and hive #3 did need a new box.  The RSF hive got one last week and they haven’t moved into it yet.  Hive 3 got a new box lately, too, and they haven’t moved it to it, either.  Hive #6 is now four medium boxes tall.  I didn’t go any further than a quick peek in the top, so next weekend it’ll be time to really check the hive health.

All of the hives were calm and pleasant and seemed too busy to take time to notice me.  Everyone got a quart of sugar water.  The hive populations seem bigger than they have been and even the big hives are going through a whole jar in a day or two.  Everyone got fresh ant poison, too, and the tanglefoot on their hive stands checked.

It looks like a good day to be a bee.


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