26 August 2017 Hive Inspection

I was lucky enough to have help for this inspection.  A friend and new beekeeper came to help.  We didn’t do full inspections on all the hives because the ones we didn’t get this time had been done just a week before.  That’s how we knew who needed supers on this trip.

A checklist helped to keep us focused.  It was important to get our work done and get out, because the heat was getting unmanageable, which makes bees just as unhappy as humans in bee suits.


Hive 6: The bees were kind of pissy.

Hive 5: Added a super.  Wonderful bees.

Hive 4: Had plenty of honey, super nice bees.  Saw eggs, but didn’t spy the queen.

Hive 3: Had food, space, and saw the queen.  Love love love these bees.

Hive 2: Gone.

Hive 1: Found the queen.  Okay on space, check on food in two weeks.

Hive 2 had been rescued from a farm stand in Rancho Santa Fe and never thrived.  In retrospect, I should have fed more aggressively, but there was plenty of stuff in bloom all summer.

Hive 1 has since been lost to ants.


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